Video distribution Europe/Asia/Middle East

Ursula Biemann
Röntgenstrasse 48
8005 Zürich / Switzerland
T 0041 (44) 461 20 84
studio [at] geobodies.org


For personal and research purposes, the videos can also be ordered directly with the video maker at the following conditions:

Videos at EUR 60:

Performing the Border, 43 min.
Remote Sensing, 53 min.
Contained Mobility (duo-channel version), 20 min.
Black Sea Files, 43 min.
Sahara Chronicle, 78 min.
Egyptian Chemistry, 46 min.
Forest Law (duo-channel version), 38 min.

Videos at EUR 50:

Writing Desire, 25 min.
Europlex, 20 min.
X-Mission, 35 min.
Deep Weather, 9 min.
Subatlantic, 11 min.


For Library acquisitions, please inquire at studio [at] geobodies.org


Video distribution North America

Performing the Border, Writing Desire, Remote Sensing and Europlex are distributed by

Women Make Movies
462 Broadway, suite 500 L
New York NY 10013
T (212) 925 0606
F (212) 925 2052

orders [at] wmm.com

Contained Mobility, Black Sea Files, Sahara Chronicle, X-Mission, and Deep Weather, Forest Law, and Subatlantic are distributed by

Video Data Bank

112 S. Michigan Ave.
Chicago, Il. 60603
T (312) 345 3550
F (312) 541 8073

info [at] vdb.org


Video collection is distributed in Canada by


401 Richmond Street West
Suite 452 Toronto, Ontario M5V 3A8
T (416) 351-1317 
info [at] vtape.org