Tipografias Politicas

Political Typographies. Ensayos visuales en los margenes de Europa | 2007

The bilingual publication brings together various investigations into the situations of forced conflict at the meeting points of three great world regions – the recently expanded Europe, the Commonwealth of Inependent States and the zone known as the Arabic-Islmaic World; into the social, political and intimate geographies that extend from the Balkans to Turkey, the Caucasus and Mongolia; and into the creation of transit enclaves, and of often invisible aerial or subterranean infrastructures – satellites, oil pipelines – that cause migrations and alter spaces and societies in the wake.

Political Typographies. Visual Essays on the Margins of Europe

Foreword Nuria Enguita Mayo
Transito forzoso | Forced Transit Ursula Biemann e Imre Szemen
Timescapes/B-Zone | Cronopaisajes / Zona B) Angela Melitopoulos y Maurizio Lazzarato
Postwar Footprints | Huellas de posguerra Lisa Parks
Negativos de Europa | Negatives of Europe Carles Guerra
Voces impresas | Printed Voices Jean-Pierre Rehm
El desgarro de la diaspora en las imagenes de la autonomia de la migracion | The Diasporic Split in Images of Autonomous Migrancy Vassilis Tsianos y Angela Melitopoulos

Esta publicacion acompaño la exposicion Zona B: en los margenes de Europa, comisariada por Nuria Enguita Mayo y Carles Guerra, que tuvo lugar en la Fundacio Antoni Tapies, Barcelona (10 de marzo – 1 de mayo de 2007


240 pages, illustrated, color, English/Spanish
complete biography and bibliography

Published by Antoni Tapies Foundation

ISBN 978 84 88786 27 2