Just Watch | 1997

Politics of Representation in the Electronic Media with media producers from the global south Symposium. Art exhibition, workshop, videos, website. Shedhalle Zurich, May 1997

Just Watch brings together media theorists and producers to discuss positions and strategies in the communication of gender and ethnicity in the electronic media. First of all, we are interested in how women from the Global South are represented in their local media contexts and in western television productions. The discussion surrounding the politics of identity is crucial, for these representations shape public opinion on migration, asylum and racism as well as the European relations with the South. They contribute decisively to forming western attitudes toward the cultural values of other societies.

A curatorial collaboration between Martine Anderfuhren and Ursula Biemann.

Just Watch analyses the construction and mobilisation of social divisions based on gender and ethnicity and the way in which they are made meaningful or effaced by the media. The question of who produces what images is important but even more so the question what social and representational practices establish these concepts in society. The focus is therefore less on the producers of discriminating media representations or on the poeple represented by them. Instead we are concerned with how, i.e. through what practices of speech and action, through what processes of naturalisation and exlusion, the discourse is actually produced. How is the concept of identity and nation being set off from the exterior, what myths and images are used? What relations are staged between communities which distinguish themselves in terms of physical features, geographical origin or cultural practices?

Specific media relations, cultural conditions and political circumstances produce distinctive local media works which again, have to be understood in their context.
The symposium places media productions within their context of social conflict and clarifies the central importance of the media in those processes of social power.


Symposium 6. und 7. September 1997

Annabelle Sreberny Mohammadi, Center for Mass Communications Research, Leicester University
Gargi SenMagic Lantern Foundation, Dehli
Gita Sahgal, Medienproduzentin bei Bandung File (Black Current Affairs Programm) und Mitglied der South Hall Black Sisters, London
Simin Farkhondeh, Medienaktivistin und Videokünstlerin, u.a. für paper tiger television, New York
Gerard Reteig & Felix de Rooy, Migranten Television Amsterdam (MTV)
Meral Ösbek, Dozentin für Media Studies und Videoaktivistin, Istanbul
Madjigène Cissé, sans-papiers, Paris
Irina Mardar und Tatyana Borodina, Rostov am Don
Silvia Mejia, Cali, Colombian documentary filmmaker
Felix de Rooy, Migranten TV Amsterdam;