Kültür | 1996

A gender project from Istanbul istanbul'dan bir toplumsal cinsiyet projesi Shedhalle Zürich, May 1996

Kültür is a research and exhibition project involving eight women from Istanbul who are artists and/or social scientists of the media and urban studies fields engaged in cultural analysis and art production on the subject of urban space, the correlation between centre and periphery and the position of women within these social and economic structures, particularly women in the garment industry. We developed this project together, first for an exhibition at the Shedhalle, Zurich, later for a publication, and finally for another project at the Istanbul Biennial in the Fall of 1997. The Biennial project focused on issues of migrancy, urban politics and Istanbul’s plan to become a global city.

Participants: Ayse Durakbasa, Ayla Yüce, Meral Özbek, Yasemin Baydar, Seyma Reisoglu, Meltem Ahiska, Gülsün Karamustafa, Tül Akbal und Nihan Turan