Upcoming Events

OIL. Schönheit und Schrecken des Erdölzeitalters, Kunstmuseum Wolfsburg

Wolfsburg, DE
2021-9-4 to 2022-1-9
showing Black Sea Files

Nothing Makes Itself, Arko Art Center

Seoul, KR
2021-9-17 to 2021-12-12
showing Acoustic Ocean

Earth Beats, Kunsthaus Zurich

Zurich, CH
2021-10-4 to 2022-1-31
showing Forest Mind

A Green Jade Lake , CentroCentro

Madrid, ES
2021-10-14 to 2022-2-6
showing Deep Weather Subatlantic Acoustic Ocean

Ursula Biemann, Centre for Experimental Film (CEF)

Shanghai, CN
2021-10-23 to 2021-12-23
showing Deep Weather Forest Law Twenty-One Percent Acoustic Ocean

Hyper Perspective, Sky Art Center

Qingdao, CN
2021-10-27 to 2021-12-20
showing Acoustic Ocean

Bienal del Bioceno. Cambiar el verde por azul , Biennal de Cuenca

Cuenca, EC
2021-12 to 2022-1
showing Devenir Universidad Forest Mind

Constellations for Futures, La Loge

Brussels, BE
2021-12-2 to 2021-12-4
showing Twenty-One Percent

Synthetic Ecology, Beijing Art Technology Biennale (BATB)

Beijing, CN
2021-12-16 to 2022-1-20
showing Forest Mind

Geomancer, NTU Centre for Contemporary Art Singapore

2022-1-14 to 2022-1-23
showing Acoustic Ocean

Subterranean, Amos Rex

Helsinki, FN
2022-3-30 to 2022-9-21
showing Black Sea Files

More-Than-Human [M-T-H], Cement Fondu

Sydney, AU
2022-4-1 to 2022-4-30
showing Acoustic Ocean Forest Mind

Water-Wise, River Breath, AGA Art Gallery of Alberta

Edmonton, CA
2022-4-2 to 2022-8-1
showing Forest Law

Learning from the Earth, Art Safiental

2022-7-2 to 2022-10-23
showing Forest Law

Devenir Universidad, Museo de Arte - Universidad Nacional

Bogota, CO
2022-9-8 to 2022-3-31
showing Devenir Universidad

Compost, Istanbul Biennial

Istanbul, TR
2022-9-8 to 2022-11-11
showing Devenir Universidad