Upcoming Events

Accelerating Science, CERN Geneva

Bangalore, Kolkata and New Delhi, CH
2019 to 2020
showing Twenty-One Percent Biosemiotic Borneo

Destination Collection, Musée d'Art

Sion, CH
2020-6-19 to 2021-1-10
showing Acoustic Ocean

Enter the Void, Kunsthalle Mainz

Mainz, DE
2020-7-10 to 2020-11-1
showing Forest Law

The Sea Is Glowing - European Culture Capital, Exportdrvo

Rijeka, HN
2020-8-20 to 2020-10-31
showing Deep Weather

Savoir indigene_Fictions cosmologiques, MAMAC

Nice, FR
2020-8-28 to 2021-1-17
showing Deep Weather Forest Law Subatlantic Acoustic Ocean

Two Years Vacation, Frac Lorraine

Metz, France
2020-9-10 to 2021-1-24
showing Deep Weather

Nach uns die Sintflut, Kunst Haus Wien

Wien, AU
2020-9-16 to 2021-2-15
showing Deep Weather

The Sea: Sounds & Storytelling, TBA21

Vienna, AU
2020-10-2 to 2020-10-31
showing Acoustic Ocean

Tree Time, MUSE Science Museum

Trento, IT
2020-10-30 to 2021-5-30
showing Forest Law

Öko-logics. Die neuen Sphären der Welt , Galerie im Alten Wiehrebahnhof, Kommunales Kino

Freiburg, DE
2020-14-10 to 2020-19-11
showing Subatlantic Acoustic Ocean

Slow Life. Life at a Slow Pace, Ludwig Museum of Contemporary Art

Budapest, HU
2021-6 to 2021-8
showing Forest Law

OIL. Schönheit und Schrecken des Erdölzeitalters, Kunstmuseum Wolfsburg

Wolfsburg, DE
2021-6-5 to 2021-10-10
showing Black Sea Files

Overview Effect, Museum of Contemporary Art

Belgrade, Serbia
2021-6-19 to 2021-9-20
showing Black Sea Files

The Poetic Heritage, Tai Kwun Contemporary

Hongkong, HK
2021-7-2 to 2021-9-27
showing Forest Law

Devenir Universidad, Museo de Arte - Universidad Nacional

Bogota, CO
2021-9-8 to 2022-2-1
showing Devenir Universidad Code Keeper

Retrospective, Biennial of the Moving Image

Buenos Aires, AR
2022-10-1 to 2022-11-10
showing Deep Weather Forest Law Subatlantic Acoustic Ocean